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The Struggle

The Struggle

IN THE PRISTINE WATERS of the Russian River, thousands of Alaskan Salmon struggle each year to make their way upstream. Known for their relentless determination, the great numbers of these Salmon challenge young men in the area to catch one barehanded. Wading into the midst of the fish during the height of a run, the trick is to secure one of the strong, slippery Salmon long enough to toss it ashore. Attempts to seize the head and mouth of the fish or grasp it at the mid-section are fruitless. The sensitivity of the fish, and its tremendous strength and agility prevent the success of these techniques. Nevertheless, some fish are still plucked from their course and tossed ashore.
WHY ARE SOME PLUCKED while others are not? In their struggle to make it upstream, the Salmon constantly nip at the tail of the fish in front of them in an attempt to pull it back, to slow it down. Initially, the highly sensitive tail causes a fish to react, and in so doing, fall behind. However, as the nipping cycle continues, the tails eventually become desensitized. Soon the constant nipping begins to go unnoticed. As a result, a young man can reach into the water and grasp an unsuspecting Salmon by its desensitized tail and fling it out of the water. Despite great determination and abilities, some Salmon never reach their destination - instead they find themselves plucked and gasping on the shore.
LIKE THE SALMON, many of us are determined to get ahead, to make it upstream. Everyday we encounter people and circumstances that nip at us in an attempt to slow us down, pull us back. We also become desensitized; not at the nipping, but as to the purpose of our journey. The relentless nipping of naysayers begins to confuse and obscure the once great desire that fueled our passion. As a result, our efforts begin to wane. Despite great determination and abilities, we can find ourselves plucked from the flow of life and gasping on the shore.
THE MOTIVATING DESIRE TO BE AN INVESTOR has always grown from the benefits that these pursuits provide - job freedom, time with loved ones, an improved lifestyle, a secure and comfortable retirement. These are the reasons the profession is pursued. With doubt and negativism, nipping naysayers desensitize our commitment to these benefits until together with our shattered dreams; we are eventually abandoned on the shore. Leave the naysayers in your wake, focus on the reality that investing can make of your dreams, and finish the course of success.

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