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The golden rule of grandfather, grandson became one of the most influential people on the planet

The golden rule of grandfather, grandson became one of the most influential people on the planet


The golden rule of grandfather, grandson became one of the most influential people on the planet

For it will never write a book. It is not derived from modern motivational literature, because he was born long before our age of digitization universal cynicism and disappointment. Formulated it is a clever old gentleman, who was born early 19th century. Bequeathed it to his grandson, who is now in its fifth decade. Considered to be "gray cardinal" in business. Very interesting person. He has helped in the development of concepts of many famous brands, now only works when it is driven by inspiration that something to offer. Sometimes composing speeches of directors general and politicians, writes novels, but only for yourself - destroy them after writing and stubbornly refuses to present them published. Among his friends are some of the most influential people on the planet, but if you call his name in Google, almost nothing to learn about it. So, this mysterious "Grey Cardinal" once in a meeting with business woman and author Robin Scott, shared short rule that can change the lives of everyone. And Robin, in turn, made it public. Council sounds like this:
"Immediately after each lecture, meeting or other important life experience, departments 30 seconds - no more and no less - to write down your most important at several points. If you always do what even never to look at the notes, everything will be fine! "
"Gray cardinal", whose identity Robin Scott revealed in deference to the desire to remain anonymous, told her that from the little boy, always follow the advice of his grandfather. Later addressed in this secret and his sons. Scott encourages, and you try for a few months and see how it will change your life. This method has several advantages and tweaks:

1. These are not detailed notes
Do not think that 30 seconds would be enough to record everything that happened to 2-hour meeting, for example. This rule is very different from the notes he water, you do not forget important points of the meeting or describe it in detail. More like the interpretation, designation of priorities and solutions.
2. Complex job
To decide which of all is most important is really difficult. Constantly lurks the temptation to write down everything you remember. As you are going to "turn" of training in the gym, and your brain is trying to depart from this sprint for 30 seconds.
3. Details are trapped
So often "Remember Everything" that screening detail becomes an art. But the time limit, which is the most important condition in this method helps us to apply it more effectively. The "Only 30 seconds!" Helps to save most importantly, without entrainment in detail.
4. We need to act quickly
If you wait an hour or two after the event, you can remember facts, but to miss nuances, which is a prerequisite for errors in assessing the most important.
5. Learn to listen and ask the right questions
If you get used to using the 30 seconds, it will permanently increase your ability to concentrate while listening to someone during a conversation and will help you immediately to set out the basic thought. This is the same as to learn to distinguish one instrument in the whole orchestra.
6. You can help other people
Rule when you learn to set out the essence in a conversation, then you will find it easier to understand the needs of people and how their problems can be solved. And this in turn will help to build useful contacts and better to reconcile their future interests.
7. Over time it becomes easier
The first few times it will be difficult to cope with the task of exposing the most important thing in just 30 seconds, but the longer you practice this technique, the easy, useful and even fun it will be.

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