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TEAMWORK (Part 7 – Recommendations)

TEAMWORK (Part 7 – Recommendations)

If your values match those of your team, you as an individual will become more valuable than ever.
If you decide to look for another standard, the gap appears to be a source of anxiety for you and the team. Maybe then it will be better to consider the possibility to search for the point elsewhere.
1) Communication
- In heavy team situation or prolonged difficult period synergy (communication), can turn the tide for the better. When people in the team communicate with each other, then comes the confidence, desire for sarabotvane, unity, commitment, enthusiasm and humor - they all produce the correct action.
- Effective teams consist of people who constantly communicate.
- A team succeeds or fails according to the way its members communicate with each other.
2) Insulation:
- To prevent Pitfalls of insulation, apply the principle of "walk together or die alone"
- When isolated and not communicate, you're in terrible trouble - insulation will break you physically and spiritually.
- Never allow it to fall into the trap of isolation. Always stay connected!
- If you are part of the right team, then you will succeed, but if you are alone, yet you fail - remember that when someone thinks of himself as abandoned by the world, he loses hope.
3) Investments:
- Teamwork can be your personal investment with great returns.
- Investing in the team ensure high returns because the group many of the individual. Profit as for compound interest - is multiplied !!!
- Once you begin to invest in your team, you will never stop. The more you invest, the more you get and the joy and satisfaction you will continuously grow because more blessed to give than to receive !!!
- Do not let your giving be stopped by the lie that has nothing to give - because you always have something very valuable, from which you can give: your time, your attention, your love ... This is the key to teamwork!
- Your investment in the team is a guarantee for your growth and success!
- Be wise investor, because the team is active! ! !
- So if you want harvest start sow good seed in good soil, in other words: help!
This is the eternal and unshakable foundation of Successful teamwork!
Used source: "17 irrefutable laws of teamwork" ~ John Maxwell

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