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TEAMWORK (Part 6 – Values)

TEAMWORK (Part 6 – Values)

Shared values define the team and make it more valuable
So far, in five parts, consider the following fundamental truths of teamwork:
Part 1: Ethics
Part 2: The purpose and role
Part 3: The catalyst and attitude
Part 4: reliability
Part 5: Trust and price
But successful teams, besides being important unity and good communication, it is essential and common values, which the team says. They are more important than feelings and are like:
1) GLUE - In time of trouble keep people together.
2) BASIS - They give stability to the team.
3) measure - They set the standard behavior of the team and the mission.
4) COMPASS - They are the moral compass that helps in making the right decisions in difficult times.
5) MAGNET - The values of a team attract people who share them.
6) identities - values define the team and give it a unique identity of its members. What you believe and do we determine as a person.
And what are the values? Isolated you can learn by reading the entire post.

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