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TEAMWORK (Part 5 – Trust and price)

TEAMWORK (Part 5 – Trust and price)

TRUST must be present in the foundation of a team. Trust is the glue in the team fit and when it is absent, then the team is falling apart.
I hope not to sound too minor, if I start with:
"At the moment you lose faith in each other, our sea and absorbs light otletyava" - James Baldwin
Especially severe when someone betray his team. Nobody likes traitors because they violate fundamental values - loyalty, respect for the honor of others, compassion, justice, honesty, etc.
Broken trust makes it impossible reliability. Each team lost the confidence of others, automatically qualifies as unreliable.
The biggest compliment you can get is to understand that others rely on you.
Subject to trust - how to win, builds and restores, if lost, is as important as it is extensive. Why stop there, we reserve the right in next time to continue or adds something valuable and useful.
But now I will continue with the importance of price, strongly associated with trust.
A team can not realize its mission and potential if they pay the price.The real success of a team is impossible, if not pay the price, which is always associated with some change and sacrifice.
To learn which are the main principles and what requires each payment of the price, you should familiarize yourself with the full text of this part of the publication.

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