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TEAMWORK (Part 3 – catalyst attitude)

TEAMWORK (Part 3 – catalyst attitude)

Successful teams have teammates catalysts that cause sabitiyataKatalizatorite are people on the team who have a 'can-do-work-and-more-thing. " Each catalyst brings intensity, energy and entertainment and also sharpens the focus. The importance of the catalyst emerges in a critical situation. He is the one who is ready to act and take responsibility.
Traits of a catalyst:
- Initiative - felt things
- Communicative - says things
- Passionately - forests of things
- Talented - make things better
- CREATIVE - invented things
- PREDPRIEMCHIV- take and doing things
- Reply - brings things
- Generous - provides valuable things
- Influential - influenced waters
Each team to be successful, needs a catalyst!
And this is it sufficient and ensure you success? Unfortunately, no! To find out why, read this post completely.
Rotten ruining relations team - the law of the rotten apple
Only talent is not enough to have a good and successful team. You also need a good attitude in the team!

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