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TEAMWORK (Part 2 – The purpose and role)

TEAMWORK (Part 2 – The purpose and role)

I know that against this will resist the ego of each one in us, because they always seek its own, but would do well to read this post completely.
In history there is no one who has managed to do something great, relying solely on their own forces. Besides Robinson Crusoe! But he has succeeded in being a team with Petkan. J

Behind the great events not stand individuals and are the result of hard work of the team, where strong leaders and innovators idealistic, take great risks. Leaders are always part of the team.
"There are no problems we can not solve together, and very few are those (problems) that we can solve alone" - Lyndon B. Johnson
Alone can not achieve anything significant.
If you read the full text of this part of the publication, you will learn more about:
What are the main reasons many people fall into the trap to work isolated and alone?
The Big Picture - Why target is more important than the role?
How to achieve successful change "of individualist in co-worker"?

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