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TEAMWORK (Part 1 – Ethics)

TEAMWORK (Part 1 – Ethics)

Teamwork is a cooperation sarabotvane, doing work together.The success of team work is directly related to the ethics of this job.Each team to function and prosper must have its rules (rules), often referred to as the Code of Ethics or rules of honor. These rules must be easily understandable, do not change and are valid for each team. In the absence of rules, people create their own.

One example, very practical, Code of Ethics might look like:
1. Never Leave teammate in need.
2. criticize when necessary and be ready to be criticized.
3. Celebrate all victories.
4. Comply with all agreements and fix damaged or potentially damaged as quickly as possible.
5. Be forthright. (If you have a problem with someone, go directly to him and authorize)
6. Be responsible - do not blame others, do not judge.
7. Be resourceful - seek solutions to problems before they dump the other.
8. Do not let personal things get in the way of the great purpose (mission).
9. Be loyal to the team.
10. Devote yourself to personal development.
Teamwork can be properly presented and understood, only if viewed in the context of a properly functioning leadership. Why? Because leaders are those who form the team are part of it and lead it to victory.
As a starting point in understanding the ethics of teamwork in a successful team can serve so-called. "17 irrefutable laws of teamwork", defined by the famous author John Maxwell in his eponymous book.Knowledge and understanding of these laws can unclog the true potential of your team and turn it into a team of champions.This presentation will be divided into a total of seven parts this and more 6 and will include the most important of these 17 law teamwork in the context of business ethics.The purpose of this presentation is to be a proper understanding and to give life to your team adopted a Code of Ethics, in order not to turn it into a set of dry and unattainable rules for people from your team.Hope this helps and your team, as other so far.

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