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SHARING THE ENLIGHTENED BEAUTY EVIDENCED by his renowned career, the famous American photographer, Dewitt Jones, said, "I once accepted the societal axiom that I must see it, to believe it. However, my life and my work has demonstrated to me that the converse of that statement actually contains the truth; I must first believe it, to see it."
To illustrate the power of this philosophy, Jones recently displayed many of his spectacular photographs, explaining how he arrived at the right shot each time.
DEWITT WAS ASSIGNED TO PHOTOGRAPH unique vistas around the world. His charge was to reveal the concealed story of each setting in one masterful photograph. Often his first picture was ordinary - postcard quality, good, but not great. Wrestling with the essence of the scene, each time he labored to stretch his mind and senses to gain new and different perspectives. Then, a second photograph; this time very good, unusual, but not the best. Finally, over time, by learning to heed the whispering still, small voice of intuition empowered by his widened perspectives, it would happen. The final shot - extraordinary, spectacular! But underneath it all, the fundamental anchoring power that drove him, was belief. The solution, the right shot, was always there but he had to first believe it, to find the will to work hard enough, to finally see it.
MANY DREAMS, LIKE PHOTOGRAPHS, are never realized because they lack the anchor of belief. Dewitt Jones observed, "The banquet of life is always spread even though at times there are none to receive it".
Why is this banquet so often unattended? Because we don't exercise the belief necessary to empower us to see the possibilities. Our lives become self -fulfilling prophecies - we receive what we expect or believe we will receive. Without the vision of belief, our effort wanes, our resolve weakens, our dream fades. Ultimately we assist in the final burial of our dream with phrases like, "I knew it wouldn't work anyway."
Your own success is dependant on persevering belief. Belief that rejection is not a stop sign but a milestone. Belief that difficult market conditions present opportunities rather than roadblocks. Belief in yourself despite ill-informed naysayers. Belief that persistent effort results in realized dreams. Consider your dream. Do you believe it's attainable? Can you see yourself achieving your dream? Is your belief strong enough to power your pursuit of the dream?
RICHARD M. DE VOS SAID, "The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible."
Unconsidered possibilities (life's banquet) are liberated by the power of belief. Fulfill your dream, make your "photograph" extraordinary. First believe it, then you will see it.

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